Keynote Speakers

Atilla Dr. Atilla Ansal, Professor in the Engineering Faculty of Ozyegin University and Chairman of Civil Engineering Department

Uniform Hazard Spectrum on the Ground Surface for Site Specific Design

Athol Dr. Athol Carr, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering, Department of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, University of Canterbury

Modelling of damping in non-linear time-history analyses

Jónas Dr. Jónas Elíasson, Professor Emiritus, University of Iceland

Initial wave height and total energy of landslide generated tsunamis from translatory wave theory


Amr Dr. Amr Elnashai, Dean of Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University

Cases and Models of Fire Following Earthquakes

Peter Dr. Peter Fajfar, Professor of Structural and Earthquake Engineering at the University of Ljubljana

Floor spectra for analysis of acceleration-sensitive equipment in buildings

Michael Dr. Michael N. Fardis, Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Patras

Synergies and Conflicts between Seismic Design and Design for other Extreme Actions

Dr. Polat Gülkan, Professor, Program of Civil Engineering, Middle East Technical University-Northern Cyprus Campus, Güzelyurt, Mersin 10, Turkey

Genealogy of Performance-Based Seismic Design:
Is the Present Re-Crafted Past?

Kappos Dr. A.J. Kappos, Professor of Civil Engineering at City, University of London, Director of the Research Centre for Civil Engineering Structures

The dynamic intelligent bridge: A new concept in bridge dynamics

Carlos Dr. Carlos Oliveira, Professor at Instituto Superior Tecnicol

New Tools for the Analysis of the Generalized Impact of Earthqukes and Related Events

Musson Dr. Roger Musson, British Geological Survey

Maximum magnitude in intraplate areas: The case for the British Isles

Sveinn Dr. Svein N Remseth, Professor of Structural Engineering at the
Norwegian University of Science and Technology